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Construction Accidents Lead To Devastating Injuries

In Bloomfield and communities throughout New Jersey, there is always some type of construction project in process. While most people only think about large construction projects when the topic of injuries is raised, construction can encompass nearly any level of work. From repairing a cracked sidewalk to home renovations to erecting a high rise, nearly any construction project can lead to an injury. A skilled attorney for construction accidents can provide the representation you need.

Protecting Your Rights In Construction Accident Cases

Given the nature of construction work, where falling from a height, being struck while doing road work or getting hurt in an equipment accident represents daily risks, the only surprise is that more workers aren’t badly injured or killed. If you or a family member needs advice and legal representation in the aftermath of a severe construction accident, you can count on the Law Offices of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, for individualized client service.

We help clients with both workers’ comp and personal injury claims.

An important advantage of working with our firm is our ability to investigate and present claims under both the workers’ compensation system and the personal injury process. In a workers’ comp claim, you are entitled to lost income and medical expenses while you’re recovering from your injuries. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can collect additional damages for projected economic losses and pain and suffering if you can prove that someone other than your employer was responsible for the accident.

To learn more about your legal options for monetary recovery, schedule a free consultation at the Law Offices of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC. Our lawyer can be reached at 973-798-8328 or through our email system.

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