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What are common delayed injuries that occur in car accidents?

When people think about a car accident, one of the first things that might come to mind is the damage to the vehicle. No one can judge the severity of an accident victim's injuries from looking at the wreckage, and injuries are very common in motor vehicle collisions. Besides those that are immediately noticeable, it is not unusual for accident victims to have emotional and mental trauma. Some motor vehicle victims are aware of their injuries right away. Other individuals are not, and may not show signs of trauma or experience symptoms until days later. 

Not everyone can walk away from a crash without noticeable signs of trauma. What someone does after being in a car accident can mean the difference between life and death. Here are some common delayed accident symptoms that could indicate immediate medical attention is necessary. 

  • Headaches are a common symptom that accident victims might experience for several weeks after their ordeals. These could resolve on their own, but it is important to see a doctor so he or she can rule out concussions, blood clots, hemorrhaging, whiplash and traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Numbness, pain and tingling may occur with tenderness and soreness in the neck, head, back, arms, hands and legs, and these should never be ignored. These symptoms often occur when there is trauma to the spinal cord, such as whiplash, herniated disk, pinched nerve and damaged muscles and ligaments. Early detection is crucial for a better outcome. 
  • Changes in personality, sleep and eating habits, flashbacks, impaired thinking, poor memory recollection and moodiness are symptoms that often occur in individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder and concussions. 

Nursing home neglect: Signs you should watch for

If you have a relative who resides in a nursing home in the Bloomfield area, you may think he or she is in good and capable hands. Just because you went above and beyond to choose a nursing home that had great reviews, a decent staff-to-resident ratio and the best of amenities does not mean your loved one is not at risk of nursing home abuse. 

To decrease the chances of your relative suffering neglect and abuse in a nursing home, consider the following ways to spot the signs his or her safety is at risk

The three forms of driver distraction

When you are in your car on the way to work or some other destination here in the Bloomfield area, your safety is affected by many things. This includes whether or not the drivers around you are distracted.

New Jersey worker killed in industrial accident

When people work in dangerous work environments, a serious injury that results in death can happen at any time. A sad story from northern New Jersey illustrates this point all too well. A 46-year-old man from Washington, NJ was killed on the job in an industrial accident.

The man was working for Berry Plastics in Phillipsburg, NJ when the incident occurred. According to reports, he was hit in the head while investigating a possible issue with the machine he was manning.

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