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Wrongful Death And Fatal Accidents

Serious accidents can lead to devastating injuries or fatalities no matter the circumstances. Motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents or workplace accidents can result in wrongful death. If you are struggling through the loss of a loved one, schedule a free consultation to discuss the matter with an attorney.

Dependable Advice For Grieving Families

Any fatal accident is going to leave the surviving family devastated. Whether your loss resulted from a car accident, a physician’s poor judgment or a disaster at work, a wrongful death lawyer at Law Offices of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, can help you with both the legal and the personal dimensions of your situation.

We Provide Legal And Practical Help

Our Bloomfield law firm understands that the burdens and pressures of a wrongful death lawsuit are about the last thing on your mind at a time of loss. But we also know that the insurance companies are busy investigating the facts of the case and preparing their defense while you are adjusting to your new reality. Our job is to protect your legal interests while offering all the help you need to get through a difficult transition.

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If you have lost a loved one, a wrongful death case might help you avoid financial peril. A skilled personal injury lawyer can investigate your case and provide clear direction about your legal options. Call us at 973-798-8328 or email the firm to schedule a free consultation.

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