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The three forms of driver distraction

On behalf of Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC posted in Motor vehicle accidents on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When you are in your car on the way to work or some other destination here in the Bloomfield area, your safety is affected by many things. This includes whether or not the drivers around you are distracted.

Wandering thoughts, looking the wrong way and the “hands-off” approach

As the CDC mentions on its website, driver distraction comes in three primary forms:

  • A driver could let their thoughts shift from driving to other matters. This is called a cognitive distraction.
  • Sometimes, drivers stop looking out at the road, and instead focus their vision on something else. This is referred to as a visual distraction.
  • Drivers sometimes take their hands from the wheel. This is known as manual distraction.

Each one of these forms can cause significant dangers out on the roads. Distracted driving has the potential to lead to serious traffic accidents.

Which of the three forms of distraction do you think are most common among drivers here in New Jersey?

Distraction sources differ in the types of driver distraction they cause

Many things can be sources of distraction for a driver. Some distraction sources trigger one of the distraction forms, others trigger two and some can trigger all three. Using a smartphone to text is one example of a driver behavior that can lead to cognitive, visual and manual distraction.

Given this, each distracted driving source can raise its own particular set of concerns, issues and discussions regarding traffic safety.

Which sources of distraction do you feel are the most significant problems out on New Jersey roads? How would you recommend these issues be addressed?

Responding to serious harm caused by any type of distracted driver

The injuries coming out of distracted driving accidents can be incredibly dangerous. When dealing with such injuries, many aspects of your future may seem up in the air. Among the things that could have implications for your future are the legal matters connected to the accident.

This underscores the vital role that having strong legal guidance can play for distracted driving accident victims when deciding what legal response to take to their crash.

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