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When An Employer Does Not Adhere To Employment Laws

If you have been wronged in the workplace and don’t know where to turn or what to do, rest assured there is hope. Understanding your rights is the first step to determining whether your employer has violated those rights. Contact the Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, in Bloomfield, where an employment law attorney can evaluate your case. Our law firm counsels and represents clients affected by on-the-job problems such as:

  • Discrimination according to race, national origin, religion, gender or veteran status
  • Sexual harassment, either quid pro quo (overt) or in the form of a hostile work environment
  • Whistleblower and qui tam circumstances involving an employee’s report of illegal conduct in the workplace
  • Wrongful termination involving discrimination or retaliation
  • Wage and hour violations such as unpaid overtime

Whether your New Jersey employer fired you illegally or targeted you in some other way while you kept your job, a consultation with a lawyer can put your mind at ease. In one or two consultations, you can arrive at a course of action that can right the wrongs. A successful outcome may mean you are reinstated after losing your job unfairly or it may mean you will collect back pay that was wrongly withheld.

Know Your Rights

Federal and state laws spell out standards for workplace issues such as equality and fair wages. Perhaps you have not lost your job but you suspect workplace problems are illegal and you need a plan of action to counteract them. At the Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, you can find the personalized legal advice you are looking for.

Stand Up For Your Rights

We can help you no matter where your case is:

  • You are feeling uneasy about co-workers’ or supervisors’ words or actions.
  • Something has already happened such as a demotion, withholding of commissions or threats from your boss.
  • You lost your job and wonder if there is a way to recover pay that you believe your employer denied you.

Whatever the circumstances, it is important not to lose hope. Rather, learn what the law says about your situation and what you can do to protect your rights.

Services For Employers, Too

At the Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, we review hiring contracts and termination documents such as severance agreements. Both employees and employers benefit from our advice on these issues.

For More Information

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