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Serious Accidents In The Workplace

A work accident doesn’t have to be severe to lead to a loss in earning potential. A scaffolding collapse can ultimately have the same effect on the body as a career spent sitting in the same position typing day in and day out. Regardless of the situation, workers’ compensation exists to ensure that injured employees receive benefits. If you have questions about the process or you feel your claim has been denied or delayed unnecessarily, schedule a free consultation at our office.

When you are injured at work, it is natural to be confused and frustrated by what can be a lengthy legal process. At the Law Offices of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, we take the time to answer your questions and guide you through the process from start to finish. Based on your accident, the resulting injuries and limitations placed on you by a medical professional, you might be entitled to substantial benefit payments.

Helping Injured Workers Across The State

Work accidents typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Single accident: Many workers are injured by one single accident in the workplace. Tripping over misplaced product, falling down a set of stairs, a limb that is crushed in a machine press — these are all examples of a single accident that can have a dramatic impact on your ability to work. Contact a single accident lawyer today.
  • Repetitive stress: Many jobs require workers to make the same movement for days, months or years. Whether this is typing, moving boxes on an assembly line or using a belt sander, the human body can quickly break down under this strain.
  • Toxic exposure: There are numerous jobs that require workers to come into contact with hazardous chemicals. Whether they are cleaning supplies, benzene or even products such as asbestos, repeated exposure can cause devastating, life-threatening illnesses.

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A Bloomfield work injury attorney can provide the legal advice and representation you need. A free consultation can be scheduled at the Law Offices of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, by calling 973-798-8328 or by completing our convenient online contact form.

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