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Nursing home neglect: Signs you should watch for

On behalf of Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC posted in Blog on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

If you have a relative who resides in a nursing home in the Bloomfield area, you may think he or she is in good and capable hands. Just because you went above and beyond to choose a nursing home that had great reviews, a decent staff-to-resident ratio and the best of amenities does not mean your loved one is not at risk of nursing home abuse.

To decrease the chances of your relative suffering neglect and abuse in a nursing home, consider the following ways to spot the signs his or her safety is at risk.

Pay attention to overall health

If your loved one’s health is not as good as to was when he or she first moved in, you should question why. Older people are more susceptible to changes in their environment and ailments than younger individuals. When your relative feels or looks ill, malnourished or not like his or her usual self, find out why. Ask him or her and the caregivers. You should also check your relative’s nursing home records for accident and incident reports.

Lack of socialization

Some seniors are not very social individuals. If you notice your relative is not as active or social as he or she once was, the behavior could be a side effect of nursing abuse and neglect. You should call, email, interact with your loved one online and visit in person often to keep track of his or her social behavior.

Frequent accidents

Another sign of abuse is an increase in accidents, especially falls. Your relative may or may not require assistance with getting up and around, but if there is a sudden increase in fall accidents and incidents resulting in broken bones, bruising, scrapes and other trauma, there is a possibility he or she is not receiving the support required to prevent accidents.

You should not assume that your relative is going to speak up when he or she is being mistreated. He or she may not feel comfortable or is afraid to say something. You should visit your loved one often, carefully assess his or her physical and emotional well-being and trust your instincts. If you believe your relative is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, you may want to speak with an attorney for guidance.


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