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Nursing Homes Exist To Care For People, Not For Harmful Acts Of Negligence

Nursing homes exist because families are often unable to provide round-the-clock care for elderly and disabled people. When you entrusted your mother, father, husband, wife, sister or brother to the care of a long-term care facility, you likely did your best to evaluate the facility’s quality of care. You naturally expected administrators, nurses, caregivers and other responsible parties to meet accepted standards of care.

You did not expect to get that phone call telling you that your loved one had fallen and broken a hip after caregivers were slow to respond for a call for help. You did not expect to discover during a visit with your family member that pressure sores (also known as decubitus ulcers or bedsores) had gone undetected and untreated. Perhaps your loved one was scalded during bathing or suffered ill effects of overmedication. Maybe a care director failed to install recommended aids such as hand rails, and an injuring fall was the result.

Contact Our Law Firm In Bloomfield. Was It Nursing Home Abuse? Lawyer Anthony L. Coviello Can Help You Find Answers.

Whatever the circumstances of your loved one’s injury in a nursing home in New Jersey, the Law Office of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC, can help you pursue what you need now:

  • Answers to the burning questions of “What happened?” and “How did it happen?”
  • Determination of liability — Who was at fault? Was it an administrator or the institution as a whole that understaffed the facility? Was training or supervision of caregivers inadequate?
  • Compensation for hospitalization or other medical care made necessary by the injury
  • Compensation for a funeral and burial if injuries led to death
  • Reassurance that this facility will take steps to prevent repeat occurrences such as what happened to your loved one
  • Acknowledgement of your loved one’s psychological harm and your family’s mental distress over the injuries or untimely death of your loved one

Your Family Do Not Have To Just Suffer The Consequences Without A Remedy When Nursing Home Neglect Has Resulted In Injury Or Wrongful Death

You are right to seek counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney as you come to grips with a painful reality. If an investigation into the causes of an injury or death in a New Jersey nursing home uncovers negligence, legal action may be the right response. For information and help deciding what to do next, call 973-798-8328 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.

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